Postcard From Phi Phi Islands

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The main destination for tourists all over Thailand are the Phi Phi Islands and if you’re traveling for the first time to Phuket they are a must! A Phi Phi Island day tour is the most popular activity in the region and of course, being on my bucket list, we went and explored the town in search for my dream trip offer. We got a good deal from one of the many travel agencies in Karon, and the following morning we were picked up from the hotel. After a short drive, we reached the marina where we met our guide and boarded the speedboat, that took us around the amazing Phi Phi archipelago. The most amazing trip!

Tip: If you’re planning a speed boat trip, make sure not to have the biggest breakfast in the world as the ride it’s pretty bumpy, and if you usually get motion sickness don’t forget your pills! If you choose to sit outside on the speedboat, a hat, a sarong or towel, and sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the sun are a must. Trust me, you don’t want to get burned and spend the rest of your holiday hiding from the sun!

After approximately an hour we could finally see them – rising proudly from the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea, the limestone cliffs of Phi Phi Islands, were giving way to white powdery beaches and luxuriant green jungles further inland.

Phi Phi Leh Me
Maya Bay- Ko Phi Phi Leh

Our first stop was at Maya Bay for swimming and snorkeling. The place became popular after The Beach was filmed there in 1999. Unfortunately because it is so stunning and famous many boats ferry thousands of tourists in and out each day. You must know that if you enter the bay on your own, there is a National Park entry fee of 400 baht but this fee was included in the price of our tour.

If only it wasn’t so crowded… In order to accommodate the high volume of tourists that come and go, each boat is given 40 minutes to station in the bay, therefor we only had a short stroll through the lush jungle and a refreshing swim in the emerald green waters. Soon after, off we sailed towards the next famous gem of the Phi Phi archipelago – Ko Phi Phi Don.

On the way there we made a stop at Pileh Bay, another lagoon where the water was turquoise crystal clear, and which probably is a good spot for snorkeling but we did not get to swim there. Soon after, we slowly floated by and admired the spectacular rock formations around Viking Caves – famous for its mysterious wall paintings that indicate the arrival of clipper ships hundreds of years ago. It was interesting to see scaffolding at the base of the cave, built by people who live there that are protecting the resident sparrows. This sparrows apparently are so special because of the type of nest they create, which are a delicacy in the Chinese cuisine (most famous is the bird nest soup) and can be sold for up to $100!

Viking Cave
Viking Cave

At Monkey Beach we had the chance to feed the macaque monkeys, the only inhabitants there, and take some nice picture. As much as you want to touch them (like I did, ’cause I just adore them) you should not, as they are wild animals and their bite is quite dangerous. Don’t worry though, they are really friendly and used to tourists feeding them. Just be aware that they are little ‘thieves’, so you better leave your belongings on the boat.

Monkey Beach (451 x 802)
Monkey Beach

We had lunch (included in the tour) on the main island of the Ko Phi Phi archipelago –  Phi Phi Don, which hosts the bohemian town of Phi Phi Islands and it’s the only island in the group with permanent inhabitants. This picture postcard island was my favorite and even if I’ve already been there twice I can’t wait to go back. I highly recommend it! It’s like you’re part of the best wallpapers on the internet.

Phi Phi Don (800 x 450)
Phi Phi Don

Surrounded by stunning turquoise waters, colorful marine life and many coral reefs this place is not only great for diving and snorkeling but it’s the perfect spot to unwind. Long-tail boats putter between these islands, their schedule-less movement and the laid-back tropical atmosphere makes time stand almost still here …waiting for you to relax and ‘catch up’ with the stress, hassle-free existence of the island.

Phi Phi Don me1 (541 x 800)

Restaurant Phi Phi Don (800 x 450)
Restaurant on Phi Phi Don

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